Monday, May 23, 2011

When we stayed home...

...we picked the first of our small garden's bright red strawberries.

Strawberry Boy

...and ate them on the spot.


...we had good friends over for a cookout and campfire and whiled away the evening hours listening to four little kids play a spirited game of hide and seek in the backyard.
...we listened to our little cherub, Mags, sing her heart out at church once again.
...we took time to talk and plan and re-schedule our summer.
...and at least one of us, slipped...

Ready Set Go

...and slid with delight.

Slip n Slide

And, we forgot about that vacation we were supposed to be on.  And, we all took care of ourselves.  And, minus a few minor slip-n-slide injuries, it was perfect.

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