Thursday, June 2, 2011

"All it takes..."

" faith and trust. But the thing that's a positive must. Is a little bit of pixie dust..."

Do you believe in fairies? We do, oh, yes, we most certainly do! Two fairies in particular...Petunia and Marigold. They discovered this lovely little garden that resides on our deck last weekend.

Fairy Garden 4

Fairy Garden 8

Nana says the first thing the fairies need is a house. A nice mossy little cottage covered with pebbles.

Fairy Garden 6

Then some flowers, of course.

Fairy Garden 7

A nice little fence to keep things in their place.

Fairy Garden 2

Some stones to walk on and a little pool (shell) to bathe in.

Fairy Garden 5

Someone small to tend to the garden. And someone wise (that lady above) to give the Mom (me) fairy letters and treasures to be put out! Petunia and Marigold came right away to their new abode and left behind some goodies for the "tender" and her little brother.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was almost as magical as Christmas morning.  And, while at the moment they can't seem to come back quick enough, we look forward to many more visits from them!

Thanks Nana for teaching us all to believe!

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