Sunday, June 26, 2011

Distracted by cuteness...

These are definitely the cutest thing I've ever sewn!  And they were a welcome distraction from a couple of other big sewing projects I've been working on.  They were made for a sweet little girl who has not yet made her entrance to this wonderful world.  Baby Riley is going to be so loved by so many!   

Just Plain Cute 

Riley is going to love doggies, because her parents do!  So when I saw this cute print from Sherbet Pips, I knew it would be perfect for her.    


The pattern is "Quick Change Trousers" from "Handmade Beginnings", by Anna Maria Horner.  By the way, I love that word, "trousers".  It always makes me giggle.  Anyway, they are fully reversible (yay!) and came together really quickly.

The details are what I love most about these pants - the back yoke that goes over the little baby's bum and the cuffs.  So sweet and so fun to sew!
Quick Change Trousers 2 
We can't wait to meet you Riley!!!

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  1. Those pants are so awesome. Thanks for thinking of us, and making this special gift for her.