Saturday, June 11, 2011


: : We've been really busy.
: : It's been way too hot for early June.
: : The weather has been my excuse for everything...feeling overly tired, needing lots of cold adult beverages.
: : The real reason for the above is more than likely that my children are exhausting me.
: : They are both VERY chatty these days.  And wild.
: : This one is a ham.

: : That's my polite way of saying that his personality is blossoming.
: : He probably accounts for about 80% of that fatigue and 95% of the cold adult beverages.

Ham Times 2

: : On the plus side he does a fabulous rendition of the Swedish Chef on The Muppets
: : My kids are obsesssed with The Muppets right now.
: : I'm ignoring the fact that some of the material on the old shows is completely inappropriate for an almost 3 and 4 yr-old, because it's waaaaaay more entertaining than modern day kids shows.
: : And, the Swedish Chef was always one of my favorites too.
: : I've become obsessed with two new things: Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter and Dry Shampoo.
: : And, I have been listening to Ryan Bingham nonstop. 
: : The hydrangeas in our yard have been making me smile. 

Hydrangea Love

: : Maggie's fairy garden looks amazing too.
: : Unfortunately, she has been coming into our room at 6 am every morning to say (in one of those voices where she is trying really hard to whisper but it is actually louder than talking quietly)..."MOMMY, LET'S GO SEE IF THE FAIRIES CAME LAST NIGHT!".
: : I finished my two blocks this week for the Farmer's Wife Quilt...4 blocks done, 107 to go!
: : My blocks are all over the map in terms of color.
: : I decided from the beginning that I was going to just go with whatever colors inspired me at that moment and focus on individual blocks as opposed to the whole quilt.  
: : It felt very liberating to have this attitude about this endeavor.

FWQ - Block 4 - Basket Weave

 : : Then, I got the book in the mail and noticed that all of the blocks in the finished quilt are set on point (duh!).
: : Ack, I did not design my first two blocks (here and here). to be set on point.
: : But, it's all good, because of my aforementioned "liberating attitude" about things.
: : But, darn, I really prefer the way a lot of the blocks in the book look on point as opposed to straight. know where this is going.
: : If I'm going to make 111 of these, I definitely want to piece them consistently so that they can all be placed on point.
: : Who cares if the colors are all over the map....(ahem).  
: : Off to fix my first two blocks.
: : Happy Weekend, friends! : )

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