Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Plea...

Maggie was getting pretty antsy for her fairies to visit her garden again. As the lady in charge I have to space out their visits. So, Mark and I've been encouraging her to make something for them or send them some kind of message to let them know how much she's missed them. She couldn't quite figure out how to do that, so earlier this week, I helped her out. She got these window crayons from a friend for her birthday, and I was saving them for the right time.  Turns out the right time is right before we're having our house powerwashed and painted (good thing too, because those things stain!).  

Anyway, we started with a message..."Dear Petunia and Marigold, Thank you so much for bringing those notes.  Please come back soon.  I miss you both!  Love, MaggieJoe".
I love how she signs everything "MaggieJoe" and that her J's look like C's.  So cute!  Almost as cute as the smiling moon she drew just above the name. 
Joe got involved too.  They are more and less his fairies too. : ) 
Joe's Work
And, Maggie drew the cutest self portrait. 
Self Portrait

It might not surprise you to hear that the fairies came that very night and left Maggie a letter!  She had to turn around three times and say "I Believe" and she didn't hesitate for a second.  She and Joe also worked hard on building a birds nest for a little egg the fairies left.  

Ironically enough, the day after we colored our whole window for two little garden fairies...we had a conversation about another fairy.  The kind that will come when a certain little girl loses those TWO wiggly teeth!!!  I remember when she was not quite 4 months old and those little teeth popped should not surprise us so much that they are starting to wiggle...they've done their duty.  But, we just wish she would stop growing up so fast!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Joe: On the Eve of the Eve of your 3rd Birthday...

We had a special afternoon together, and I cherished it as one of your last days of being just 2.  We were just on our way home from dropping Maggie off at a friend's for a playdate and you fell asleep in the car.  As I carried you to your bed, you laid that big ole head of yours so sweetly in the nook of my shoulder and slumped into me.  I could swear when you do this that you are still a baby.  You do not usually wake up while I'm trying to lay you down, but today you did.  You quickly popped up and asked me to play with you.  You wanted to play with your "guys" (your little Toy Story figurines that you love the most).

We played for a bit and then I asked you if you wanted to help me make pasta sauce.  Stir the "soup"...yes, yes!  We went to the yard and I let you cut some basil and parsley.  When we got inside you sat so sweet and still on the counter picking the leaves off the herbs for me.  Happily working away, content to just be involved.

Little Helper
And since you worked so hard, I let you spin the salad spinner.  You find delight in silly things like this.  "I do dat again, Mama?" you asked, over and over again.
And as a treat for that, I gave you the last little cupcake leftover from your party with friends the day before.  I put a candle in it and we sang Happy Birthday together.  For you.  Even though your birthday is still a couple of days away.  You asked me if you could blow out your candle all by yourself.  You betcha!
Almost 3
I think you relished in the fact that it was just you and I having this little impromptu celebration.  And so did I.
And in your typical fashion, you left a huge mess of crumbs...from a two-bite cupcake. 
It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon with you and celebrate the last of your 2-hood.  You are so sweet and charming.  You take your time and think about things before jumping right in.  And, as long as you can help, you don't really seem to mind what it involves.  As we were on our way out the door to pick up Maggie, I accidentally bumped you, knocked you over, and caused you to hit your head on the wall.  I expected a flood of tears and drama, but you snuffled a bit, looked up at me and said very innocently "Mama, you got to watch out for me, k?".  You bet I will, bud....forever and ever.