Monday, October 3, 2011

We went, we camped, we froze...

...aaaaand we came home early.  But it was the best, cold, windy, beautiful, reminiscent, perfect family trip we've had all year.  We've been trying all year to get away - just us, as a family.  Every trip we planned was canceled or postponed for one reason or another.  It's been a bit frustrating to say the least.  This weekend seemed like our last good opportunity to go camping this year, so we jumped on it.

Fall Campground Walk 
We went to Rocky Knob Campground, Virginia, a place Mark and I fell in love with years ago.  While the weather was not so reminiscent, the setting definitely was.  Colorful and crunchy leaves were all around.  The campground was empty and we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.  And without intending to, we picked the exact same camping spot we picked 6 years ago!

Our Spot
As a family, we hiked the beginnings of the hike we'd done on our earlier visits to Rocky Knob, up the hillside across the parkway from our campground.    We promised the kids they'd see some cows on this hillside, and we didn't disappoint.

Pretty Cows
It was very windy and cold. The clouds kept darkening, but it didn't dim this little girl's spirits.

Cool Camping Girl

Thankfully we made it to "our tree"....a tree Mark and I (and Dulcie!) sat by years ago to take pictures and take a break.  I love this spot so much, Mark gave me a framed picture of it years ago.  And here we are again, two kids later. : )  
Our Tree

After our hike, we got smart and hopped in our car (with heat) and headed to Floyd, Virginia.  We ate lunch at the Floyd Country Store.  I had heard and read about this place - the music, the culture, the Friday Night Jamborees.  It was such a cool place, and so charming!  We got there just in time for their Saturday afternoon Americana music.

The kids seemed to enjoy being there...

My Lunch Buddy

There may have been a bit of bribing...

Floyd Country Store Candy

After our visit to Floyd, we stopped at Mabry Mill and then headed back to the campsite.  The kids played in the tent for a while and I took a nap (one of my favorite things to do when camping!).  The kids were so disappointed when we told them we were heading home early.  It makes me happy to think they love camping that much!  Every time we go with them gets a little easier and a little more adventurous. 

Camping Buddies


  1. love it! A friend from college was from Floyd and he used to talk about the place where you ate. Glad you all had a great time. The boys are heading off on their first Boy Scout camping trip this coming weekend!