Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas-ish Quilt

I finished this quilt just before Thanksgiving, but was trying to find the right time to share it here. Over the past month, it sat on this chair and I noticed how well it blended into this little corner of holiday cheer (which I created to show off the kid's artwork). So, anyway, I've come lately to think of it as a Christmas-ish quilt.  (Excuse the terrible iphone pic!).  

Favorite Corner

I started this quilt back in May after pinning this one from Anthropologie. I loved the diamond orientation, the large scale cuts of fabric, but especially the solid diamond borders that frame the interior of the quilt. Love that! I knew from looking at it that it was really just a big log cabin block set on point, with even width borders for all the corners.

Loulouthi Diamond Quilt Top

When Anna Maria Horner released Loulouthi, I knew it would be perfect for this design. I also used a couple of prints from Innocent Crush. I was stuck for a good while trying to find the right color solid to use for the diamond border. And, then so conveniently, Anna of Noodlehead shared her Loulouthi quilt. I knew the bright gold solid (which is Patricia Bravo's Empire Yellow) was just what I needed. Bingo!

Loulouthi Diamond Quilt Back

For the back I simply pieced a few scrappy strips between larger white solid strips.

Loulouthi Diamond Quilt Closeup

I quilted it with straight lines crosswise to the diamond shape.  And, I bound it in one of those awesome Stockings prints from the Loulouthi collection.  I think it measures around 60" square, but I honestly don't remember.

This quilt should have been a breeze to put together, but somehow or another with all of those large cuts of fabric, the whole quilt top got totally stretched out and skewed.  Probably cutting big pieces on the bias or poor handling - or both.  Whatever the case, I had to take the top apart and put it back together again.  And, then it was originally supposed to be a LOT bigger, and had wide white borders around it.  But, I didn't like that so I took them off and used them for the back (thus, the pieced backing).  Long story short, I had a major case of the "I'm so sick of looking at this quilt, it was supposed to be easy and because I don't know what I'm really doing it has become a major pain-in-the-you know what".  At the end of it all, I honestly couldn't decide if I liked it at all.  (By the way, I think I have a complex, because I totally do this same thing with cooking...if I smell something for too long or it becomes much more complicated than I anticipated, I inevitably loathe it...weird, I know.)  Anyhow...this quilt grew on me over the holidays, sitting in that corner like a piece of art, just like my kid's artwork hanging on the wall.  It fit right in and made me happy.  I think I could even make another now!  

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