Thursday, December 22, 2011

{ One Day at a Time } Cutting it Close

My Mom knit Christmas stockings for all my brothers and sisters (7 of us!) and all of her grandchildren!  That's 23 stockings people!  Here are our stockings that she knit all hung up.  Aren't they wonderful?

Made by my Mom

So, a few years ago she got me a kit to knit one for Mark so that we'd all have "matching" knit Christmas stockings.  I started last December and actually got quite a bit done, but then put it down until a month or so ago.  This stocking knitting is tedious stuff.  I have no idea how she sufferred through so many of them.  I picked up some new techniques making this, like the colorwork on the santa, which I did completely wrong the first time.  And, I've never actually knit a sock or added embellishments.  

Made by Me!

We laughed a lot over Thanksgiving about how ginormous this thing is! I think I've become a little bit too relaxed of a knitter and my gauge is getting too big. More loot for Mark, I suppose. That is, if I can finish it, um, tomorrow. I still have a couple of letters and the seam to sew up and need to add some "bling" (sequins and such) to it. It will make me happy though to see all those handknit stockings hanging together. Thanks, Mom, for making something so special for all of us!

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