Monday, December 19, 2011

{ One Day at a Time } Finally Family Time

It's finally here!!  After a month of craziness, I'm ready to slow down, just hang and be a family.  The never-ending birthday festivities are done, the great five year old room remodel is done (well, sort of - more on that larer),  most of the shopping (and wrapping!) are done, two handknit gifts for unsuspecting people are done, and I gave up on Christmas cards about a week ago!  So what's left?

Well, hopefully some more walks like this:


Where we discover reindeer prints.


Probably a trip to the movies (Muppets for sure!!).  Some cookie baking.  Definitely some peppermint bark making, although peppermint hot fudge sauce is also calling my name.  Some what-shall-we pig out on Christmas Day meal planning.  Hopefully some baby holding (yes, that's our new niece little Riley).  Just a little bit more decorating.  While singing, of course.  And, lots of togetherness like this.  And for the record, this is the closest we got to a Christmas card photo.


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