Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{ One Day at a Time } Oh Rats

Joe's new favorite sayings include "Oh, wats (rats)", "Oh Brova (brother)", and "Good Gweef (grief)".   Sound familiar?  Charlie Brown, anyone?  Well, I definitely felt these sentiments today when my peppermint bark flopped.  : (  I was so looking forward to this holiday treat after making it last year.  But, somehow I managed to screw it up....Oh, Rats! 


Today wasn't a total flop though.  Mark and the kids helped me a make a couple of batches of thumbprint cookies (my personal fave!).  And I made some of Mark's favorites...snowdrop cookies.  We will decorate cutout cookies on Christmas Eve!


Ah, well, things just flop every once in a while.  I remember the year my Mom asked me to make the corn casserole for Christmas dinner and I forgot to add cornbread mix and what we ended up with was something like corn soup.  Easiest. casserole. ever.  We still laugh about that.  So it goes!

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