Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{ One Day at a Time } Swooning and other Stuff

  Oops...missed a couple of days here.  It's okay though because I was busy sleeping and eating fried chicken and honey with some girlfriends.  All good things!

Just a quick post today to show what's been keeping us busy.  I've been working on some giant, GIANT pillows for Maggie's bedroom (which is getting a major surprise updo for her birthday next week!).  They are based on the Swoon quilt pattern.  I knew I couldn't pull off an entire quilt, so I decided to do pillows.  I kinda love them! 

Swoon with 1001 Peeps

The kids and I had Glitterfest 2011 here on Tuesday.  I cut shapes out of felt and the kids painted them with glue and doused them with glitter!  Simple fun, and very messy!

Glitterfest 2011

Some people liked more glitter than others....and did not want you to say one word about it!

Whatchu lookin at?

Later that night "Mr Elf" found all the glitter pieces and hung them on a garland.  Such a clever little guy, that elf!

Mr Elf madness

And now the sickies are entering our house. : (  My little Joe-man has an awful cough and cold.  Lots of down-time and snuggles and 1960s Spiderman shows.  More opportunity to sit and reflect, I suppose!

Little feet

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