Friday, December 30, 2011

Twenty Twelve

I can't help but think of this picture of Joe when I was consider my sentiment for the New Year.  He was jumping on the bed and eating a cookie at the hotel we stayed at earlier this week when we took a quick trip to the coast.  He was happy and carefree and for those brief moments there was no agenda and there were no rules. He was somewhere that was completely new and exciting for him.


Every year I look forward to the new year for some of the same reasons...a fresh start and new goals, but, most importantly, a new length of time. It's like the beginning of my new 365 day work week. In 2012, I feel ready and excited to make some new things happen in my life, some things I've been thinking about for a long time.

I predict this year is going to be big! Mark and will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary and we'll be sending our first off to kindergarten. We are hopeful that we'll have some exciting house projects on the horizon and an opportunity to make right the family vacations we missed in 2011.

I could make a long list of things I want to accomplish but I don't know how interesting or useful that would be. For the most part, I just want to DO more than I did in 2011. And better, of course. : ) Cheers!

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