Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moving Right Along

I've been working quite a bit on some products for "my shop on Etsy" (I intentionally referred to it in this way after reading this post).  I have some finishing touches to add to my items, photos to take, and need to finalize my logo, but I'm almost there!

In the meantime, after sewing so much stuff for my shop, I've been itching to make something quick for me/us.  I kept coming back to that stack of fabrics I pulled a week ago for a potential bag.  But, I was in a pillow and triangles mood.  So, I came up with this.


I like the mix of color with black/white and the abstract prints with the florals.  It's kinda funky and fun!  The background is yarn dyed Essex linen which I fell in love with after using on some bags for my shop.  Super soft stuff!  While I was making this I was imagining a giant patchwork throw with these prints, backed in the linen, turned, and hand tied.  Hmmmm...  


I quilted the triangles with opposing parallel lines and left the rest of it alone.      

Favorite Back

 The print on the back (and also used on the front) is one of my recent favorites, from Paula Prass's Botanika.  The piping is from Hope Valley.  I have to admit, I got so excited I rushed a bit on this pillow and didn't do the best job with the piping and closing up the whole thing.  It's a bit puckered in places and a little overstuffed, but I still love it!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Okay, I'm itching to buy some of your original creations, so where might I find your etsy site??