Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Musings!

We had a great weekend here!  A definite highlight was the little goofballs' first time on the ice.  Wowee, it was a bit tougher than they thought it would be, but it was fun!

Cool Skates 

I got so much great feedback on my little list-takers - thank you!  Ever since then I've been feeling like diving into a whole bunch of new sewing projects.  I spent some time over the weekend looking through my sewing/quilting books for some inspiration and fell in love with a few things.  Mostly things for me (oops!).

Sunday Night Spot

I am really loving "Patchwork Style" by Suzuko Koseki.  I would love to make a bigger version of this bag:

Bag Love

And, I pulled this pile of fabrics as a starting point:

Lovely Stack

I also was really drawn to this patchwork blanket and love the rickrack over the seams.  Just going to file this one away. 


I also got "Scrap Republic" by Emily Cier for Christmas after reading so many great reviews here.  After looking through it, my immediate reaction was that it would be a fun book to work through from start to finish.  There are 8 quilt projects and they seem to increase in complexity, amount of scraps required, and size as you work through the book.  I love them all.  So, when I find that magical free time I might get started on the first one.

Tonight, we are just relaxing and watching the Golden Globes.  I enjoy taking note of movies and shows to watch.  I feel pretty complete if I have a great show or two that I watch regularly.  We don't have cable so we do a lot of Netflix streaming and renting.  We were pretty disappointed after streaming the first episode of "Homeland" for free online and then discovering that the others aren't available...ahhh, what a compelling first episode!  I've been hearing great things about "Downtown Abbey" so maybe we'll try for that.

That's about it for our weekend.  Hope yours was great!

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  1. I love reading your blog Laurel :) I love all of your projects :) Have you tried Hulu Plus? We've been using it for the past couple of months and we're considering getting rid of our direct TV.