Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take Notes + Better Photographs

I'm one of those write it down kind of people.  I learn best and remember things better when I write them down somewhere.  Which is probably why I was drawn to make these list-takers.  Those typewriters by Melody Miller's are pretty perfect, huh?!?!  Makes me want to open them all up and take notes.  

Ruby Star Shining List-takers

The pattern for these "list-takers" is by Jennifer Casa (available here).  Fantastic pattern and I totally enjoyed putting them together!  The creative opportunity that comes with quilting something small is really fun. 

Tick Tock Notes

 Open them up and they look something like this.  I made them a little less wide (~1" less) than what the pattern called for mainly to accommodate a Kindle in the left pocket.  Mine fits nice and snug in there.  Just a little bonus for those people that like to take notes while they read.  Now I just need to find some buttons for closure.  I made these for my "future endeavor" (shop, craft fair, bribing friends, ??), and will definitely be making more!

Read + Write

Today I spent some time playing around with my photography options.  I want to have more consistent and better photos of things I make, but I feel like I have a few things against me in the photography department: a) I really just don't love taking photos, b) our camera (which is a Sony DSLR) is unpredictable (some sort of sensory unit in it is broken and it is really tough to center things), and c) our house gets very little natural light (hello, pine tree central!).  So, today I took photos inside and outside, a few different times of the day in a few different spots.  It was an experimental kind of venture. 

Personally, I really favor fun and evocative photos.  Like this...

Mr. Lew

When I got my iphone, I immediately fell in love with the camera on it and instagram and all of those super cool apps.  My favorite picture as of late is the one of Joe jumping on the bed that I posted here.  I love it in all its blurriness.  But, when it comes to handmade things, particularly those I'd like to sell one day, I need details, like this stitching...

Stitched Spines

Anyway, all of this is to say that I think my dorky photog tests worked out well and I am glad I took the time to actually experiment with things.  Now I have a plan...outdoors on our deck, in natural *slightly overcast* daylight on top a lovely white sheet of paper.  So, that's what I'll be aiming for.  But when it comes to cats and humans and life, I'll be keeping it real!     


  1. saw these on Pinterest - they are so gorgeous!! You should definitely open a shop and put them in...so cute!!

  2. these are so cute! beautiful sewing and perfect fabric combos. :)

  3. Saw these on Pinterest and... Could I buy one!! =) Please!! I Love!!

  4. love these!! i actually just got the typewriter fabric in the mail today!

  5. .... one more comment... er.. question. do you know what the fabric is with the lettering? or a source for where you got it? thanks!!

  6. I would buy one of these right now if you were selling them! Wonderful job! I adore the fabric choices!

  7. Yes, I would buy one too! Gorgeous and lovely tabby as well. I can relate to your photo dilemmas, I want pretty photos but don't like taking them either.

  8. Awesome list-takers and a wonderful use of the typewriter fabric.

  9. Love these, what a great gift for someone!

  10. Seriously...I would buy one, too! You should open an Etsy shop...very easy to do. You already have the products and the great pictures! Feel free to let me know if you are selling any.

  11. I would love one of these. Im a teacher and constantly keep lists. Please contact me with your asking price:)