Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Weekend...

...We celebrated! I won't name any names, but someone in this house is now in their upper 30s *gasp*!

Birthday Garland

...We ate ice cream cake on a spring-like day.

Group Effort

...We surprised a good friend at her going away party even though I'm not ready to admit she's going away.

...At said party, all the adults confirmed while watching me attempt Just Dance 3, that I, in fact, have two left feet.

...The kids told me I'm an awesome dancer! Whoop!

...We doted and obsessed and prayed (yes, prayed) for our poor, aging, lethargic, unusually quiet cat who was clearly "very ill".

...We woke up amazed that the cat seemed fine...back to his ole obnoxious self (those darn 9 lives!).

...I smiled at my latest crafty finish - these quilted "list-takers" (pattern here). Another small batch of goods done!

Groovy List-Takers

...I got a little of everything I could possibly need in a weekend!

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