Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long time gone...


Long time gone...perhaps the longest break I've ever taken from this space.  Not what I intended, but definitely what I needed.  Life has undoubtedly showered us with blessings.  I am 4 months pregnant and couldn't be in a happier place!  Everyone here is excited and full of questions.  What will she look like, who will she be, what are we going to do with her?!?!  Yes, she's a girl!

I can assure you the photo above is not indicative of how I spent these past 3 months.  Well, I did spend an insane amount of time reclining, but it was not spent out enjoying the warm breeze of spring and kids and dogs running wild.  I did however spend a lot of time thinking and disconnecting.  Some things in my life which felt so blurry are now a bit more clear and defined.  I felt good about this year, and now I feel GREAT about this year.

I hope to be back in this space more regularly now.  I have so much to spill, a shop to open, projects to share, tutorials on my mind (what what?!?!), and more of our life to share.  Till then...    

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