Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me

My girl

Maggie's Friends

Me and Mags

I was greeted at her preschool door with a big hug and a beautiful yellow paper flower she painted herself - my favorite color!  She walked me to our table where there were cards and pictures and fresh flowers.  We'd only just walked in, but smiles and tears filled the room already.  I could tell she was proud and had practiced every move with her classmates.  Songs about children played and we were reminded to "let them be young".  Her teachers shared their own thoughts and feelings about motherhood, which were so touching and meaningful.  The children performed songs and skits they'd worked so hard on.  We ate food and sat and enjoyed each others company.  We laughed hearing the funny things our kids say about us when we're not around.  We looked at pictures of how they'd grown and matured over the year. 

I walked out of their preschool that day, holding each of my children's hands, with a very deep gratitude for this blessing of motherhood.  Sometimes when you least expect it, you're reminded how truly lucky you are!  

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