Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Setting up shop...

I'm in the process of finally, FINALLY setting up and loading some goodies to my shop on Etsy!   Whew.  It really shouldn't have taken me this long, but between the early part of my pregnancy, trying to get back to life, and taking a fabulous family vacation to Disney World (more on that later), I just couldn't get myself organized.  But, alas, I came home from vacation refreshed and ready to finish up some items that were sitting in limbo.  And, that's what I spent today doing. 

Setting Up Shop

I often find when I'm sewing with a combination of fabrics that I like, I find myself dreaming up other things to make with those fabrics.  Usually I can hardly stand to finish what I'm working on before I start on that next idea.  Once I pull a pile of fabrics, I want to use up as much of that fabric as I can before I move onto something new.  The first set of items I'll be listing feature Melody Miller's amazing Ruby Star Shining line.  I started with the list takers, then discovered the perfect size scraps for some coaster sets.  I plan to finish up the line with some awesome retro aprons. 


One of the reasons I decided to open an Etsy shop was that I simply have too much fabric.  I've reasoned that if I use what I have to make smaller items, I will have scraps and remnants galore to make quilts.  Or vice versa.  Also, quilts take time....they take me a LOT of time.  But, I'm one of those people who needs to feel productive from time to time or I'll lose interest or get in a rut.  So, having these intermittent quick projects gives me the instant gratification I need, while keeping the bigger, personal projects on the back burner at the slow pace I need to get them done right.  The hard part is finding the time for those personal projects...right now I have a couple of quilts in the works, baby blankets on my brain, kiddo clothes...And then that little bit of typewriter fabric I have left that is just dying to be made into something like this.  **sigh** 

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  1. Cool! I want one of the typewriter list takers. So cute!