Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sing All You Want On Etsy!

Hello friends!  My shop is finally up and running - hooray!!  I have more items to upload - aprons, bags, and pouches - but am waiting (impatiently) for these dark cloudy days to pass so I can get some decent photos.  You can find my shop here or click on the link in my sidebar. 

Sing All You Want On Etsy

I've also set up a twitter account, although I have yet to tweet nor do I know how - eeep!  I am "SingAllYouWant" - you can follow me here or click on the button in the sidebar.  Still contemplating whether I want to set up a Facebook page (I already have a personal account)....hmmmm.   Anyhoo, I hope you have some time to have a look around my shop!  

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