Sunday, May 20, 2012


A month ago, we had a big party for my Dad's birthday here at our house.  The weather was just right, the BBQ was yummy, the cake was big and delicious.  And most of all, it was 20+ of us family all packed in our little home, enjoying each others company.  Perfect for my Dad!

Pop's Party

Not much more than a week later, we landed ourselves here. Not the 20+, just the four of us, plus a half.  I could go on and on and on about this time away and what it meant to all of us.  It. was. great.  My hormones got the best of me and I found myself tearing up on more then one occasion, from the pure joy our kiddos showed.  Mark made each of the kids photo books and I can't wait to share some memories from them when they arrive.   

Disney Family

 We came home and spent the next weekend visiting with family and celebrating Moms.  Oh, and then there was our 10-year wedding anniversary.  We laughed about how just a year ago we were tossing around the idea of going to Paris for our tenth.  Instead, we ate a fabulous French restaurant here in Raleigh.  Ah, well there's always 15.

This weekend, I spent two nights catching up with a friend who was visiting from out of town.  I've missed her and her family so very much since they moved away in January.  She is one of 4 Mom friends who I met a few years ago when Maggie started preschool.  We have become quite a tight group of ladies over the years and I can't imagine my life without them.  So it felt so great to have our whole crew back together even if just for a couple of nights.  The kids picked right up where they left off and so did we!

We ended our weekend, here, at the of our favorite summer activities.  This year we finally managed to get a headstart on summer and get there before the temperatures become unbearable. 

Take Me Out

I sort of want to pinch myself because life has just been so, so good.  I've had a new found energy ever since I came out of the fog of my first trimester.  We have been doing some fabulous living, that's for sure.  In between all of the travel, time with family, and time with friends, I've been cooking more, sewing more, having fun with the kids and making things that I've wanted to happen...happen.  I think a lot about our life and how much it's going to change over the next few months and it makes me feel anxious and elated all at once.  I wish I could cram it all in all the time and have it be this perfect.  But, I know life doesn't always work this way.  For now, I think I'll just keep doing what he's doing...     

On a Roll 

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