Friday, June 1, 2012

Clear Head, Full Mind

That's my spin for the day on the famous Friday Night Lights phrase "clear eyes, full hearts", do I miss that show!!  This morning I crossed a couple of things off my sewing list - some custom pillows and a skirt for Maggie I needed to finish - and immediately the floodgates opened and my mind started filling with new ideas.  Does that ever happen to you?  I spent a few minutes sketching out a pattern for a dress for Maggie that was on my brain.  But, before I even cut any fabric, two other ideas converged and I found myself making a new quilt top.

So, I mentioned recently that I wanted to make some round patchwork placemats to list in my shop.   I pieced about 8 patchwork blocks for two placemat sets.  Since then, I've been waiting on backing fabric to arrive to finish them (it came today).  But, I've also been thinking that making placemat sets for my shop might not be the best "use" of those blocks and began contemplating quilt tops.  Yesterday, Amber posted this awesome tutorial on her blog for a "pineapple log-cabin block".  It's one of those methods that I'd file under "you've got to be kidding me, is it really that easy?!".  Anyway, long story short...I took my patchwork blocks (well, 2 of them so far) and used her tutorial to make some super-duper sized pineapple log-cabin blocks - these are about 30" finished.  I think I'll make two more and I'll have a quilt top.

Pineapple Log-Cabin Block1

Pineapple Log-Cabin Block1 Closeup

I decided to frame the patchwork centers with Essex linen in natural and then the white Kona cotton.   I don't often use a lot of white or have a lot of negative space (is that the proper term?) in anything I sew or quilt, so I'm excited to see how this looks as a quilt top. 

Pineapple Log-Cabin Block2

Pineapple Log-Cabin Block2 Closeup

Now, I must share the aforementioned skirt I finished for Maggie today.  I have a friend who makes and sells children's clothes here and we have "sewing playdates" where we try out new patterns.  It's purely for fun for me, meaning I have no intentions of selling clothes.  But, I love making things for my kiddos every once in a while and I love that I can knock out something while hanging with a friend.  Plus, she has a serger - whoop!  This week we made ruffle skirts - they took a lot longer than we expected and we were both pretty much ruffled out by the end.  I finished Maggie's up this morning and she loves it.  It is not totally me but it IS totally her.

Little Miss Ruffles2

Little Miss Ruffles

I added a cute hand-stamped tag, since I don't have clothing tags.  I'm interested to see whether this washes out.  It sure looks cute!

hand-stamped tag

personal tags

It felt good to cross some things off my list and to feel creative if there was just enough time for it all!

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