Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Highs and Lows

:: I will be 6 months pregnant on Thursday...Hello 3rd trimester.
:: I've had a happy, healthy pregnancy so far and that is a true blessing!
:: How-ev-errrrr - and I know I've already said this - I'm getting really, really tired and cranky.
:: Might have something to do with this ginormous protruding belly.
    Six Months  

    :: Or those two knuckleheads who have not learned yet that summertime is for sleeping in.
    :: Or the fact that they have so much fun just playing with each other and their stuffed animals, BUT their stuffed animals have these insanely loud high-pitched voices and they (the stuffed animals) like to go outside and hang in trees, eat chocolate chip cookies, put on Mom's clothes and jewelry...you know, basic stuff. 
    ::  Thankfully, they have not muttered the words "I'm bored" yet (the kids, of course).  
    :: Side note: when it's pouring rain outside Maggie says "Mom, it's SOOO BORING...".  She is so stubborn, she refuses to admit that it's "pouring", not "boring".  Silly girl...
    :: Anyway, point being...we keep busy, kids are happy (I think), I have not had much time to sew, my ankles hurt, I can't drink coffee or alcohol, and I'm getting cranky about it!
    :: Not to mention I had a seriously embarrassing wardrobe malfunction episode at the pool today.  I won't go into the details but let's just say an old maternity bathing suit was deteriorating and I didn't realize until I -- wait for it -- got home from the pool!!!  Yup.   
    :: I did make a superb dinner tonight...shrimp salad with pasta (got the idea here) and a cucumber, tomato, red onion, and mozzarella salad (with some dill, white wine vinegar, and olive oil), bread and corn on the cob.  Happy people all around.

    ::  Aaaaaand, tomorrow I have a sitter for the morning.  Double score!
    :: I'll be at the doctor for most of it, but might squeeze in a pedicure or a trip to Joanns.
    :: It's sad that a trip to Joanns sometimes outweighs a pedicure.
    :: I actually hate getting pedicures, but I love the finished product.  I'm weird that way.
    :: So, like I said, I have maybe spent an hour behind my sewing machine in a week.
    :: Thankfully, I am embracing my new project...English Paper Piecing!  This is my progress so far on my Hexy MF quilt.

    :: Honestly, it was really frustrating at first, but I *think* I got the hang of it now.
    :: I bought my fabric and paper pieces and planned some sort of hexagon quilt just before Katy announced the quilt along.  So, my hexies are smaller (1") and my quilt will be smaller. But, I'm enjoying it! 
    ::  It is slow going and I can recline and prop my feet up while I do it.
    :: At least for as long as these knuckleheads let me...


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    1. I'm impressed, inspired and hungry all at the same time! Great work growing the baby and the rest of the stuff!!