Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilts and Flowers

We've been a busy crew around here and I've been sewing a ton.  I felt pretty exhausted and achy at the end of the weekend.  I have to remind myself sometimes that I'm growing a baby too!  So, today the kiddos and I just hung at the pool, went out for gelato, and took it easy.  Although, somehow those hours in the sun at the pool always leave me just as exhausted.

Anyway, I did take some time this afternoon to photograph two quilts I'm working on.  The first is a quilt top I finished up over the weekend.  I finished putting together and piecing the four large blocks I talked about in my last post and added a bright aqua border.  Now, I'm in a pickle about large square-ish quilts.  Obviously, they don't really work for beds, other than as a throw at the end of a bed.  They could work as a lap quilt, but are they then too wide or too short (guess it depends on the person)?  They could definitely work as a floor quilt for a baby, but this one might be on the big side.  Anyway, oddly enough the last quilt I finished was also a square quilt.  So I'm curious how others feel about them?  

Pinapple Log-Cabin Quilt Top

This quilt top is on the bigger side - about 65" x 75".  I intentionally made the borders on the top and bottom wider because I didn't want it to be square.  I just thought for this size of quilt it would be more functional if it were somewhat longer.  But, now I think it looks a bit odd and am considering evening up all the borders.   

Patchwork Closeup

Square or not, I do love how the aqua border frames the quilt and makes it all pop a bit (excuse all the wrinkles)!  And I loved seeing this quilt as a backdrop to some of the color in our yard.

In the Flowers

This *sigh* is about half of Maggie's quilt top.  I haven't worked on it in a while, so I had to pull it out to remind myself to get back to it!  I really, really love this quilt.  It fits her perfectly and I can't wait to get it finished!  And, again it just fits right in with the blooms in our yard. 

Maggie's Quilt - Halfway There

That's all for now.  Please do share your thoughts, especially if you have some on square quilts.  Or call me a dork for even thinking it's something worth considering.  I won't mind!  

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  1. I didn't even notice the borders until you said :) I think the quilt is stunning, but I am always a believer in if it will bug you for years to come, you're best to sort it now :) love Maggies quilt too! Fabulous use of colour!