Friday, July 13, 2012

Someone turned 4

I've been thinking about writing this post all week.  And my sentiment about it has changed over the course of the week...the truth is he made me a little crazy this week.  And, I don't think he and I were on the best terms at times for me to write about him.  That sounds somewhat ridiculous, huh?  Mom honesty at its finest!  But, I have written about him every single year since his birth and I didn't want to let that trend go.

He is four, although most people mistake him for a much younger child.  And, he wants NONE of that!  He wants to be four and in fact he is already talking about turning five.  There are two things he's been called over and over again - charming and messy.  He eats his hot dogs from the top, working his way down the dog taking little nibbles and smearing ketchup everywhere, then going back to the beginning.  Who does that?!?!

He hums little tunes when he's wandering around, makes a weird moaning sound when he eats, and is often insanely loud (no teacher or friend would ever believe this).  He has the funniest little shifty eyes (we call them creepy eyes). 

He loves babies, especially his niece Riley.  He thinks its hysterical when she makes noises.  Wonder how long that'll last? 

He makes US laugh so much!  At one point, he decided he wanted to be called "Petey".  He sometimes just blurts out the name "John Jason" or "Mr Tomlinson" and laughs a giant belly laugh…we have no idea why?  Oh, and he has an imaginary friend that is a cat named Michael who has a special cat light saber, only eats cheese ("not food, just cheese" he says) and likes to ride a scooter. 

Never in the world did we think we'd produce such a character!  And, even on these tough weeks, he is our sweet, charming, boy who we love to pieces.  Happy Birthday Joe!  Until next year...

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