Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Speaking of Summer} Falls Lake

Today was reasonably mild compared to the horrendous heat we've had.  I've been in a bit of a rut and thought a trip to one of our favorite spots on Falls Lake might give me a lift.  Mark and I used to come and hike with the dogs here just about every weekend before we had kids.  And we've been bringing the kids down here since they were babies.  It is just a simple, quiet, beautiful place to getaway and only about 5 minutes from our house.  The kids almost always find something to do and I almost always leave happier and with a clearer mind.

Just look at how excited these two were!  Quite a funny moment I managed to capture here...

Woohoo we're going for a walk at the lake!

Love it out here!!


So, I'm hoping to get back into sewing soon! It's becoming more physically challenging for me with this pregnancy but I still try to squeeze in a little each day.  It is all about finishing up quilts for the kids.  Can't wait to share more! 

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