Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staying Afloat...

On Friday, the kids and I had a pool playdate with some friends.  I was had been a long and eventful week with Joe's birthday, Maggie's first "trial" day of Kindergarten, and I was admittedly distracted.  I got lost in conversation and Joe, after refusing to wear his life jacket, lost his footing in the pool, got in too deep, and started panicking.  I got to him in plenty of time, but we were both really shaken up.  He got over it pretty quickly, but it was just a little too much for me on this day that I was unsettled to begin with.

Fast forward to today...Maggie passed her swim test at the Y.  She got her yellow band, giving her freedom to go down a giant slide and swim on her own in most parts of the pool.  She had been practicing her swimming and treading water and while I thought she was close, I didn't think she'd pass.  But she jumped right in and swam like I've never seen her swim.  She was proud of her!  

So much like my children's very different experiences this weekend, sometimes I feel like I am just barely staying afloat and other times I look around and feel amazed at what I'm able to accomplish.  

This week our little girl starts her first full week of Kindergarten.  We'll be figuring out a new rhythm, at least for the next couple of months.  I packed her lunch tonight and put a little picture of us in there with a note on the back!  I haven't really been emotional about this whole thing yet, but just pasting that picture on the card and writing a note to her on the back made me cry a LOT!  I have no idea what the little guy and I will do with our days without her, but I look forward to the time with him.  We'll all just have to do our best to stay afloat.    

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