Monday, August 27, 2012

Innocent Path Quilt

I started this quilt a couple of weeks ago on a whim.  It came to be because I've been dreaming of Fall and the intense jewel tones of Innocent Crush seemed just perfect for a cozy Fall quilt.  I have always LOVED this collection, and I've had this fabric for quite a while, but I've never fallen in love with a patchwork design for it.  Until now... 

I started this quilt just cutting triangles, not knowing exactly how I wanted to arrange them.  I used this EZ Angle template which I got when I made this pillow.  First, I was envisioning a single, straight column of triangles flanked by wide columns of linen on both sides.  But as I started forming rows, I thought offsetting the printed triangles and creating a turning path would be more interesting.     

In the end, I came up with this patchwork design.  I repeated the triangles in linen instead of just adding strips because I wanted a continuous triangle pattern over the quilt top.  And frankly, it was probably easier.  I'm calling this quilt Innocent Path. 

I plan to back this quilt in flannel and omit the batting, so it'll be nice and cozy but not too heavy.    Can't wait to finish this one up!  It has me dreaming of the glow of Fall, campfires, crunchy leaves, hot soup, and chilly mornings.    

What are you working on for Fall?  

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