Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And there went October

Just popping in with some snapshots of the month that we love so much in our house.  It was a little slower this year, but we managed to squeeze in some our favorite things. 

Trip to the Farmer's Market for pumpkins...
Halloween Buds

These little gals really brightened up October in our house.  I call them the "boo crew" - totally awesome (free printable!) dress-up cone girls printed from Mr. Printables.   Joe and I put them together one afternoon and the kids played with them for hours and hours.  I hope they come back every year...kind of like our Halloween Nativity!

Boo Crew 

A little bike riding outing on a lovely October Sunday afternoon.  
Bike Ridin

Spooky pumpkins and little trick-or-treaters...Buzz Lightyear and a not-so-spooky witch!  Little Buzz was going to be Captain America, but due to all of the pre-Halloween parties, he decided he wanted to mix it up.  He wore this same costume two years ago!  He had so much fun blasting down our street.  Little Miss Witch was a nice change from the princesses and fairies of years past only she insisted that she not be scary.  Ok by me.

And THAT was October!

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