Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Month

Before Maggie was born (yes, I'm talking about Maggie, not Lyla), I had this idea in my head about what our first baby would be like and what my life as a Mom would be like.  I thought she'd like to be held all the time.  I thought she'd be up at night and during the day fussing and crying and I'd have to use my magic Mommy skills to soothe her.  I thought I'd spend my days at home holding her and watching daytime TV, and making elaborate dinners and packing Mark's lunch everyday (ha!). 

I couldn't have been farther from reality.  For the first six weeks, she slept all. the. time.  She slept through the night so early that I used to get up and go check and make sure she was ok.  She didn't cry or fuss much in the early days.  She was little Miss Independent from Day 1 and didn't need to be held as much as I would've liked.  She loved to be out in the world - shopping, places with lots of people, you name it. 

Anyway, it took me a couple of kids to realize that they are all so different and never what you expect nor do you have any control over it all.  Now we have Lyla.  She likes to be held close all the time.  She seems to like the comfort of home and lazy days on the couch.  Not a fan of car rides - oy!  She fusses about as much as I think an average baby fusses every day, which can be a little much at times.  She embraces the witching hour.  And, she's not so sure yet about sleeping through the night. *sigh*

I'd say Lyla is the closest we've come to *that* baby I imagined I'd have.  Life with her is exhausting at times, but easier because I let it be.  I've also learned that just when you think you know something to be true about your baby, they change the very next day!  You really truly have to enjoy every single minute.  And, that's just what we're doing. 

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  1. I love how you wrote that life is exhausting but easier because you let it be. That is such a great sentiment and so true. It took having the second kid for me to figure that out. Great sibling pictures :)