Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Things

So, about a week ago Mark and I were chatting and I said "I'm done with sewing for a while.  I'm putting my machine away and I'm not getting it out until next year."  I'm sure he wondered why I needed to make this big affirmation about sewing.  But, I was feeling frustrated with a simple dress I decided to make for Maggie that was not working out.  And the fact that I was sewing with my baby in a baby carrier, when we should've been chilling on the couch.  Not to mention, I sew in my kitchen, I make a big mess, and if I don't have the time to clean it all up, I find it's a giant distraction.

Journal Cover

I have only sewn a few things since Lyla was born and they have mostly been complete flops.  A few weeks back, though, my friend Raedene came over for the morning to sew - I "taught" her how to make a quilted journal cover.  It was so fun, even though all I got done that morning was cutting out my patchwork squares.  She finished her cover that day (check it out here), and it took me several weeks of sewing here and there to finish mine up.  That's ok though, because I really enjoyed this project.  I made it for my friend Mary, who made the most amazing birth announcements for us after Lyla was born.  Mary took an idea in my head and turned it into something SO amazing on paper - quite a talented lady!  I remembered her once admiring my covered journal so I knew this would be the perfect gift. 

These little journal covers are so fun because you can truly get carried away with the creativity aspect, but not be overwhelmed by something big.  But, I think I loved making this because it was so intentional and fulfilling to make something for someone else.  I had to take my time with each part - I tried a new quilting design, which I love, and I did a little embroidery on the inside. 

Journal Cover Inside

So, now, I've been re-thinking my big affirmation about not sewing.  Sewing is my outlet and makes me happy.  I like to think that creating things for others makes them happy too.  Perhaps the secret to my success right now is picking small projects that I can take my time with.  No deadlines, and deserving recipients.  One thing at a time.  I happen to have a little girl who could use a cuddly flannel blanket, and not to mention a pile of fabric to work with, so I think I'll start there.   

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