Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - How'd I do? 2013 - What's in Store?

Last year I made a list of twenty goals to work towards in 2012.  Here's how I fared...
  1. Cook something new each week. - Nope!
  2. Maybe add a drink. - Definitely not, considering I was pregnant for 9 months!
  3. Light more candles at dinner. - We did this occasionally and I did really enjoy it, as did the kids.
  4. Do Cheers! - On occasion.
  5. Make time for more live music. - Nope! : (  Totally bummed about this one.
  6. Speaking of music, get violin refurbished and start playing again already! - Nope!
  7. Take the kids to hear a symphony...maybe in the summer? - Nope!
  8. Go camping again! Perhaps more than once?! - Nope! Waaaaaa....have I mentioned how much we love to go camping?!?!
  9. Go somewhere fun without the kids. - Ha, who was I kidding...we never go anywhere without our kids!
  10. Take an "official" family picture. - YES!!!  We did this, and we're so glad we did!  Thanks to Mary for the great pictures!
  11. Make, make, make more handmade. - YES, I think I made a lot and I feel so proud of it all! : )
  12. Can some homemade jam. - YES! I will never forget that gorgeous June day that the kids and I went blackberry picking and I came home and made jam.
  13. Make a great pie from scratch. - No, but I did make a pretty fab birthday cake for Maggie.
  14. Read 10 books. - I read a few, but not 10.
  15. Knit a shawl. - I am about 30 rows away from being done with one, but it's not going to happen this year.
  16. Make a quilt for charity. - Unfortunately no, but this is something I really want to do.
  17. Sell something homemade. - YES, I am proud of the small success I had with my Etsy shop.  To think that someone out there is using something I made makes me smile. 
  18. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier. - Ha!  Not sure I actually slept much at all. ;-)
  19. Keep up with weekly yoga class. - Nada.
  20. Take more walks. - If only...
So, according to this list, I accomplished only about 25% of my goals.  It's funny to think that one year ago today, I had no idea what the year 2012 would have in store for me.  I didn't know I'd have a Lyla, or a very small business, or that we'd take a family vacation to Disney World, and that I'd actually think it was the greatest vacation EVER.  It was quite a life-changing, amazing year!

As I look ahead to 2013, I have so many things flitting around in my head, another long list of goals, dreams, and aspirations.  I might share some of those thoughts here, or maybe I'll leave it to fill with the things I've accomplished instead...hmmm, tbd. 

I truly love sharing parts of my life in this does me so much good!  I never really know if I have real readers out there, but if you do enjoy my blog, or if you just stumbled across it, thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Happy New Year friends!      

Friday, December 28, 2012

In these days that follow...

We've been relaxing...


We've been enjoying our treats...


We've been gaming, family style...


We've been setting up her room...

Setting Up

I've been plopped on the couch with my treats.  Was completely surprised and thrilled to receive a Kindle Fire!  And that pretty little house is the first part of an embroidery pattern I'm working on - learning something new once again...

I would like to say that I wish things were like this all the time, but truth be told...I eventually start to crave my normal routine again.  Only a few more days left in this wonderful year, though.  And, I hope we can relax as much as possible and enjoy each other.  Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you've been enjoying these days that follow with those you love!  

Sunday, December 23, 2012




It has been an amazing and wonderful year for our family, but it has been a year full of tragedy for too many in our world.  Holding so many close to our hearts these days and praying for peace and healing in the days to come.  Wishing you all a blessed holiday season filled with those you love.

Peace & Love ~ Laurel, Mark, Maggie, Joe, & Lyla

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

She Sews...

Scrappy Bookmarks...


Bookmarks cut from cereal boxes
Scrap fabrics
Glue stick
Scissors/Rotary cutter - For the ADULT helping!!


Step 1 (KID): Glue and press fabric scraps to one side of bookmark.  Pieces can overlap and should hang over edges of bookmark.



Do both sides!

Other Side

Step 2 (KID + ADULT):  Stitch fabric to bookmark.  She did simple lines.


Step 3 (ADULT): Trim fabric to edge of bookmark.  If desired, zigzag stitch around edge.


Step 4 (ADULT): Sit back and watch her repeat.  Cringe a little when you see her choosing your most treasured scraps.  Pause.  Admire her good taste.  Smile at her hard work!

Wonder how she got so big...