Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Darling

Our Baby.  Four months old.  Say it isn't so!  Tonight as I was rocking her to sleep, I leaned in and kissed her head and whispered "I love you, Lyla".  She opened her eyes wide and gave me a giant, sparkly smile, and then she babbled and cooed to me for a few minutes before turning her head to fall asleep.  She spends so much of her days watching us all whirl around her up above.  I imagine she is storing up all the things she wants to tell us one day, but for now she just smiles as big as she can over and over again.  It's safe to say she likes it here, with us.

I sewed this little jumper for her recently.  It was something I had in my head for a while - a simple jumper worn over a onesie in the winter and all by itself in the summer.  I found a similar jumper in her closet and used it to get the top and straps sized, and then just added a gathered skirt.  I'm calling this the Hello Darling jumper for lots of's darling, she's darling, I've always had a soft spot for that old Conway Twitty song, and my Dad always called me "darling" when I was little (and I'm sure my sisters too).  I just love that word - "darling".  So, there you go. 

Hello Darling

The fabric is from Ellen Luckett Baker's Stamped collection.  It is a cotton/linen blend - somewhat heavier than the blends I'm used to, but still perfectly suitable for this little dress.   I made the straps longer so I can move the buttons down, hoping that it'll fit her longer that way.  She has already had some fun chewing the straps.    


The waistband has elastic on the back and the straps criss-cross in the back.  But you're not getting any of that, because you're too busy admiring her bald spot, yes?

Jumper Back

One thing I'd like to do this year - another resolution, I suppose - is to sew more clothes for my kids, mainly Lyla...because she's fair game. : )  There are patterns I've always wanted to try and some more of my own ideas I would like to bring to life.  And now, finally, I have the perfect little guinea pig.   So, of course, I've already pulled some more fabrics to make Lyla another Hello Darling dress.

Darling Feet

Now, I will return to watching those sweet little feet grow little by little...*sniff, sniff*.   



  1. Adorable baby in a sweet little dress. Love that print. I can see she'll be getting a lot of use out of that dress.

  2. What an lovely baby in such an adorable dress.