Thursday, January 3, 2013

Joe's Quilt

One thing I've been trying to do over the past month is play catchup.  Like so many, I have a pile of unfinished projects - sewing, knitting, etc.  One by one, I've been crossing things off my list, and it's felt so great!  Along with unfinished projects, I have a number of things I've made and never blogged about.

Joe's Puzzle Box Quilt

The first of those is Joe's quilt.  I had a really hard time deciding on a quilt design for him, and then one day I stumbled across this quilt on pinterest.  The quilting is soooo fantastic and perfect, is it not?  After following the pin, I found the Puzzle Box quilt along  hosted by Brigette of Farbstoff.  It looked like a fairly straightforward pattern, so I decided to use Brigette's instructions for Joe's quilt.

Close Up

For this quilt I chose to use solids from Michael Miller's Cotton Couture collection - such soft fabrics with a lovely bright sheen.  I really don't buy many solid fabrics, but I love having some of these in my fabric stash.  I find them a tiny bit more challenging to work with because they are so lightweight.  Once I assembled all the Puzzle Box blocks, I needed to add borders to the front to make it twin size, so I paired the solids with a few fabulous prints from Jessica Hogarth's VeloCity line.  I thought the scooters on the front and the urban scene on the back were so unique and supercool for my little guy.


I have to admit that when I envisioned this quilt, I had dreams of quilting it something like my original inspiration (quilted on a longarm by Brigette).  But, I quickly realized that sort of design was waaaaay beyond my quilting skills, and not to mention, I was running out of time.  So I kept the quilting really simple, just doing some line work on the individual blocks and then some straight-line quilting around the borders.  It turned out really crinkly and soft which is perfect for him.

Patchwork Borders

This quilt definitely grew on me as I made it.  I don't often work with solids, so it was a different challenge for me (a challenge that spawned the making of this clutch).  This quilt is also decidedly modern, which is also a little out of my realm.  One of my favorite parts are these patchwork sections I added along the borders.

So does he love it?  Weeeelll....kind of...he's a boy, so who knows, really?  I do know it made him feel good to be given a quilt along with Maggie with whom he shares his room.  And it made me feel good to make it for him!        

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  1. Love everything about this quilt - scooter fabric, solids, and back. I am sure your little guy will enjoy it cherish it.