Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lyla's Quilt

Lyla's Quilt 2

In the weeks before Lyla was born, I started to feel guilty that I hadn't completed a quilt for her.  My plan was to give her the Hexy quilt I was working on last year, but that proved to be a slow going project for me (which I'm still working on).  So, at the last minute, and on a total whim, I put this little quilt together.  Out of all the quilts I've made, this one came together so quickly, so easily, and so happily.  I loved every bit of making it and finished it literally the night before she was born. 

It is a simple design made up of 4 log-cabin blocks, with a solid white sashing and borders.  I used fabrics from Violet Craft's Madrona Road line, perhaps my most favorite collection last year.  The blocks so appropriately frame large cuts of the farmstead and memoir (text) prints (read the story here).  I paired these prints with various shades of neutral solids and a pretty, popping, aqua blue.  The idea to use different shades of neutral - namely white, cream, beige, and grey - was largely inspired by this quilt by Blue Elephant Stitches - just beautiful!

Lyla's Quilt

For the quilting, I did a basic free-motion pattern in a beautiful pale pink thread.  It is impossible to see in photos but such a lovely detail in person.

Quilting Closeup

For the backing, I chose this light grey and white gingham fabric from Ikea.  It's a heavier weight cotton which I think is a great choice for this quilt, as it is essentially a play mat for her.  I chose this aqua dot print by Denyse Schmidt for the binding.


My favorite little detail is this embroidery, that I added in the corner. 

Her Name

So many memories already have been caught with Lyla on this sweet quilt.  When I see it I think especially of the anticipation of those last few weeks before she was born, and the joy of those early weeks and now months I've spent with her....all of us crowding around and gazing down at her and feeling so happy she's a part of our family.     

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  1. Wow!! I simply adore this quilt! How do I get one ;)