Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Snow and Babies and Darling Little Dresses

Snow Walk

Snow Man



Okay, playing a bit of catchup here.  First, we got some snow!  Yay!  Those snow boots I just got on clearance got some use afterall!  Lyla got to take her first walk in the snow.  There was sledding!  And a snowman complete with strawberry eyes...brilliant!  Inside, there was a giant veggie lasagna made with the help of my little jedi.  Later that night, there was the Downton Abbey season finale.  Did you watch it?  What the heck?!?!

Sweet Girl

Someone turned 5 months.  She is pretty much perfect.  Yup.  Well, minus the fact that she still wakes up about 10 million times every night.  That aside, she's definitely perfect.  She is rolling over and doing that thing that babies do when they roll over which is essentially face-planting and crying because they can't roll back.  She seems to have warmed up to our daily outings of dropoffs and pickups for big bro and big sis and is starting to have a little routine of her own.  She giggles and babbles and kicks and is just. perfect.

Hello Darling 2

Hello Darling 2 Close

I made her another Hello Darling dress.  Right after I finished the first, I pulled these fabrics for a second, more summery one.  This one is a little bigger, hoping it will fit her for a while.  People.  This Heather Ross Nursery Versery fabric is ah-maz-ing!  It is so soft and light, absolutely perfect for little ones.  And, the mice!  Eeeeep...they are just ridiculously cute!  And what softer fabric to pair it with than Little Folks voile.  This is the Pastry Line Dobby version which, in case you're interested, you can still find here.  I covet that stuff.
So, in other news Dulcie (our dog) ate every last bite of the kids Valentine's candy in the middle of the night a few days ago.  Lollipops, chocolates, you name it.  She practically ate the valentines.  And, guess what?  They haven't even noticed!  And, the dog hasn't even died! Thinking this was a win-win. : )

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Loves

Life has been taking over in a major way lately.  Like valentines coming out of my ears, take out boxes overflowing in my trashcan, can't remember if the baby has pooped today kind of taking over.  It's not the little things, it's the big things that are making the little things feel so overwhelming.  Make sense?

But, hey, it's Valentine's Day!  And, earlier this week, I decided all I wanted for Valentine's Day was to take a picture of each of my kids and remember them exactly as they are...


:: Maggie ::
mature, sensitive, HAPPY-cakes, loves to read, a helper, laughs at my silly jokes, takes it all in


:: Joe ::
joker, kind, adores his baby sister, needs to be 1st, talks a lot about God, learning independence 

quiet, observant, snugglebug, rolling (!!), kicking, still waking up at night, SMILEY, loves people

These three (plus Mark) are what make days like today so special!  I'm not so much for the hoopla of Valentine's Day, but I'm all about hugs and kisses and holding close with my sweet little family.  I plan to print and frame these pictures and maybe repeat next year.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


This was January, captured *mostly* on my phone, using the Project 365 Pro app.


:: Lots of time with sweet Lyla! Of course the other two are just as sweet but they don't smile on demand like she does, nor do I spend as much time with them.

:: Date night - not something that happens often!  

:: A week of single parenting while Mark went to China.  

:: Crazy weird weather.  Snowing one day, summer-like days the next!

:: Two birthdays - one human turned 38 and one dog turned 9.  

:: Sewing finishes: a quilt, a wallet, a dress for Lyla, and a new pillow. 

:: Knitting finishes: a beautiful new shawl (raveled here).

:: In between: cars, puppet shoes, big brothers being big brotherly.

:: Apparently Maggie was MIA...