Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Loves

Life has been taking over in a major way lately.  Like valentines coming out of my ears, take out boxes overflowing in my trashcan, can't remember if the baby has pooped today kind of taking over.  It's not the little things, it's the big things that are making the little things feel so overwhelming.  Make sense?

But, hey, it's Valentine's Day!  And, earlier this week, I decided all I wanted for Valentine's Day was to take a picture of each of my kids and remember them exactly as they are...


:: Maggie ::
mature, sensitive, HAPPY-cakes, loves to read, a helper, laughs at my silly jokes, takes it all in


:: Joe ::
joker, kind, adores his baby sister, needs to be 1st, talks a lot about God, learning independence 

quiet, observant, snugglebug, rolling (!!), kicking, still waking up at night, SMILEY, loves people

These three (plus Mark) are what make days like today so special!  I'm not so much for the hoopla of Valentine's Day, but I'm all about hugs and kisses and holding close with my sweet little family.  I plan to print and frame these pictures and maybe repeat next year.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

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