Monday, April 8, 2013

In the Kitchen: Mangoes

I have been a crazy person in the kitchen lately.  Our days have gotten longer, but also busier...there's soccer after school, softball starting soon, and a baby that's eating!  I have to be more organized and prepared since there's a lot less free time to get dinner ready.  I feel like I am making a dent in our kitchen floors with all the hours I stand in the same spots prepping, cooking, cleaning.  But, it's all good.  We rarely eat out and nobody seems to miss it.


So, on Friday, I hit up Whole Foods for their one-day sale on mangoes.  It was something like 10 mangoes for $5 but I ended up getting 2 cases which was 36 mangoes for about $15.  Gulp.   

Now, I LOVE mangoes.  I first had them when Mark and I were on our honeymoon in St John about 11 years ago.  Our favorite restaurant was Morgan's Mango in Cruz Bay where I had an amazing mango margarita.  Yep, I've pretty much been a mango lover since then.  So, in the spirit of wonderful memories and warm island breezes, I thought I'd share here what I did with the 36 I picked up...also known as how I spent my weekend. : )
Ok, so, first I set aside a few or 7 for salsa and snacking this week.  More on that below.  The rest of the mangoes got peeled, chopped and diced.  I thought I'd share here how I chop mangoes.  The ones I got are the yellow type from Mexico and from my experience, are softer/juicier than the typical red mangoes.  They are shaped like a kidney bean and kind of have a core like a pineapple.

Some people like to cut the sides off the core, score the fruit, and cut it off of the core.  I prefer to peel the mango like an apple first and then cut slices of the fruit off.  I begin with my knife on an angle and rotate the fruit around cutting slices off.  After getting most of the fruit off, I hold the core up and shave off those last bits.  Like so.

Cutting Mangoes

So, from those 25 or so mangoes that I chopped I ended up with about 18 cups of fruit.  And very sore feet.  : ) 


I froze them in batches in these nifty silicone ice cube trays that I bought for freezing baby food.  Which, by the way, also deserves its own blog post...but as this is feeling very long winded, I'm thinking maybe food blogging is not for me.  Anywho.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the frozen cubes of mango - those will be for smoothies, and recreating magical margaritas.  They will be loved.


I also made 10 cups of mango banana sauce for my girl.  Yes, ten cups...or about 25ish servings.  Needless to say, she better LOVE it.   I'm thinking it will also be a yummy addition to yogurt for the kids or smoothies or popsicles.  Lots of options for all those mangoes.


We did a lot of salsa eating this weekend.  It seemed fitting as it was the first Spring-like weekend here in NC.  I like this recipe.  If I want something more sauce-y, I follow the recipe, omit the cucumber, and add some apricot or pineapple jam.  Either option is delicious on grilled shrimp, fish or chicken - and a summertime favorite here.


Welp, that's about it for the mangoes.  Now I can resume my normal life again. Off to sweep up the little baby I hear babbling in her bed and brave another week.  Happy Monday!            

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