Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Together Now









This morning.  After a week vacationing at the beach with my family (which was fantastic and memorable and so fun), immediately followed by a week with Mark far, far away on a business trip in China (which was far less than fun)...we needed a morning like this.  We have a few places nearby that we love to go when we just need to get away from the hubub of home life and do something simple outside.  We absolutely love venturing out to this beautiful park, when it seems like a good day for riding bikes and exploring.  Once a farm, there are also a bunch of beautiful old barns that the kids love to run around.  The park also happen to be a hotspot for local photographers, but we lucked out and chose a day when it felt mostly deserted. 

Lyla is 9 months old and still as sweeeeeet as ever (if that last picture with Daddy is not evidence enough, I don't know what is), but definitely developing a mind of her own.  When plopped down in the grass, she did exactly what she did with sand on the beach...began shoveling it into her mouth.  She is crawling and pulling up and leaving her mark everywhere.  I admit I was kind of biased about photographing her today because of how cute she looked in that dress.  Gah....that dress!  It's another of my Hello Darling jumpers.  She outgrew the first one and the second one I made is still too big for her.  So, I made this one for her last week when Mark was away.  I just love seeing all that little soft baby skin. (Fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner Field Study and Good Folks).  Can you tell that Maggie and Joe just love their baby sister?  I have just loved watching their reactions as she has grown up.  Their excitement and amusement over her is so genuine and heartwarming.

Life is so busy these days and I sometimes feel like Mark and I are shuffling back and forth passing off kids, trying to keep up with things around the house, and running errands.  I'm happiest when we spend time like this together.     

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here We Go...






I always think of this post at the beginning of our summers.  It's a good reminder of what summer is all about.  Our summers are a little different now that Maggie goes to year round school.  She gets 5 weeks off and then she starts 1st grade in July.  And, this year for the first time, both kids are alllllll whiny about missing school and their friends.  What the?  Am I not fun enough? ;-)  I suppose I need to step up my game (or plan lots of playdates).

We've all been sharing our hopes and dreams for summer around our house and we even made a list (well, Maggie did).  It is, of course filled with fun things like baseball games, beach trips, hammock swinging, campfires, putt-putt, and lots of homemade food.  Although, my type-A personality is itching to put a multitude of house projects and things to purge and clean and organize on there, I know if there's ever a time to disconnect, it's now.  Even sewing must take a back burner.  For there are bugs to catch and waves to splash in and sandy toes to kiss.  And, not to mention #26 - "Teach Lyla how to crawl".  Happy June to you!