Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dillon's Quilt


ETA (8-11-13) - Psst...Planning a tutorial or a quilt-along for this quilt (more info here).

I'm so excited to finally show off my latest quilt!  This one is a special gift for my sweet nephew, Dillon, who was born in April (yes, I'm late!).  I picked some of my favorite boy fabrics from my stash (elephants!) and paired them with a few new prints and some bold, bright solids.  I made this quilt as a tester of sorts for this quilt.  The design was largely inspired by a little notebook I picked up at Target one day.  See?!?!


Ever since I picked up that notebook, I wanted to replicate the design as a quilt.  But, figuring out how to best piece such a quilt required a little thought.  I considered doing a simple zig zag quilt, or using a similar pattern (love this one).  But, in the end I really wanted the pattern to look exactly like the book cover, so I made a template to cut out my top pieces.  Each chevron shape is made up of two parallelograms (geometry, anyone?).  I cut my fabric pieces so that the bias was on the short sides and not along the vertical seams when sewn together - to prevent any stretching.  I sewed the trapezoids together to form columns and then sewed the columns together.  The top came together so quickly!


For the quilting, I really wanted a modern feel, so I quilted on either side of the zig zag seams, alternating with sets of dense lines.  I LOVE how this turned out.  It allows for some nice soft areas on the quilt and it makes for a fun design on the back of the quilt.  Last but not least I handstitched his sweet name on the back and sewed the binding on by hand (my favorite part!).


Now that I'm done with the quilty tech talk, I must get a little mushy about sweet Dillon.  When we had Lyla, we thought she might be the last grandchild/cousin - of now 18 - on my side of our family.  I was a little worried that, with the exception of older siblings and cousins who adore her, she'd be a somewhat of a lone ranger at family gatherings.  One of the most profound relationships my children have are with their cousins.  I'm always amazed that, despite their distance from one another and their unique personalities, they remain unconditionally close...they are the best of friends.  I found out my sister was expecting when Lyla was just a few weeks old and it made my heart so happy in so many ways...most especially for their family but also for us and Lyla.  They seem so far apart now, barely knowing each other.  But, soon enough I imagine they will be playing chase, building sandcastles, eating together at the "kid table", going on scavenger hunts, probably having a fair share of spats, but also a fair share of hugs.  I can't wait to watch them become cousins.  So, here's to you, Dillon! We love you and we're so happy you're in this world!             

Tuesday, July 9, 2013





Today we celebrated this guy...who grew up in a blink of an eye.  Who is full of love and sooo funny!  Who loves to play games but does not like to lose.  Who takes his time in life.  Who loves it best when the "whole family" does things together.  Who loves to slurp soup and blow bubbles in his milk.  Who gives the best hugs.  Who still looks up to his big sis but loves being a big brother.  Who has helped me more than I would've ever imagined.  Who makes us so happy and proud.  Who is FIVE!  Happy Birthday Joe!  We LOVE you!