Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quilt for Fall: Finished Arrow Tail Quilt

A Quilt for Fall

Arrow Tail Quilt Cozy

Arrow Tail Quilt

Arrow Tail Quilt Back

Arrow Tail Quilt Tied

Arrow Tail Quilt Front

Arrow Tail Quilt

Arrow Tail Quilt 

I finished tying and binding my Arrow Tail Quilt (links to full tutorial here) while we were vacationing at the beach.  And, what a perfect quilt to bring home and usher in Fall.  I almost enjoyed photographing this quilt as much as I did making it.  I took these pictures on a giant wood pile in our back yard with the late afternoon Fall glow filtering through the trees.  With a little help from some friends, I'm trying to work on my photography, and editing in Lightroom.  I thought this quilt deserved a proper photo shoot, so I did my best! 

For the quilt, I chose to use the beautiful collection Rosette by Juliana Horner (for Fabric Traditions for Joann Fabric stores).  So many kind people have complemented me on the colors in this quilt.  I so appreciate that, but all credit goes to the brilliant designer on this one.  I liked this collection when I first saw it online, I loved it in person, and I absolutely adore it in this quilt.  

I chose to hand tie this quilt instead of machine quilting it.  I tied it with a creamy pearl cotton at every "point" and in the middle of every arrow tail piece.  I thought tying would be so fast, but it actually took me a good bit of time.  I'm kind of a slow poke though.  At times I questioned whether it was the best way to quilt this, but in the end I love it.  This is such a vibrant quilt and the fabric is very soft, so I love how the minimal quilting highlights these features. 

The back of the quilt is my favorite print from the collection - Garden Main Floral.  I bound it in the Posy Navy print from the collection which I think makes the whole quilt pop.  This quilt is a large baby size measuring around 40" x 60".  It is a nice lap quilt for me.  

A few folks have joined the quilt a long on flickr and have gotten started on their own Arrow Tail Quilts.  Yay!  I pop over when I can to see if anyone has posted questions or comments, but please know that I'm just an email away if you have a question or want to share your progress.  If anyone finishes a quilt using my tutorial, please, pretty please, share it with me (and kindly link to my tutorial).  I'd love to share some finished Arrow Tail Quilts here.  Happy Fall!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! I saw it on Flickr and followed it over. My little Joann's got only a few prints from JH's collection, but they are lovely. (I am currently using some in a Modern Maples.) Now I am going to check out your Arrow Tail pattern!

  2. Just love your quilts & your blog!

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  4. I am drooling over all of your yummy fabrics! Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous design, I can't wait to make one! Thanks for taking so much time to explain all the steps in your tutorials, I know how long those can take!