Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthdays & Bygones

Little Miss Birthday Girl

The Cake

Cousins Help

Cake Time 


I find it so hard to blog about my children on or even close to their birthday when their birthday involves any sort of party or hoopla.  It is always a bit stressful to me to prepare for birthdays, big or smallDon't get me wrong, I love to celebrate, but all of the cooking, and cleaning and making - all that self-inflicted stuff - can wear me out. 

Last week was a roller coaster of a week.  We were all suffering from a bit of the post vacation blues, but of course so filled with excitement to celebrate our little one's first birthday.  We wanted it to be perfect, but we knew there was everyday life to attend to as well.

In the midst of celebrating we had to say goodbye to our sweet cat, Clark.  He had been sick for a long while and we knew he had reached a really poor state, but it was still so hard to make that decision.  Ugh, so hard. : (  Pets can be so loyal, and that sweet cat was certainly loyal to our little girl.  He always wanted to be near her, and would perch himself by her chair at every meal.  So it goes, I guess.    

There was nothing better to lift us all up than celebrating this beautiful girl.  This first year with her has been the most amazing, wonderful gift to all of us.  She is such a good sport, rolling with us through our busy lives.  She is curious, much like her sister was, and so brave.  Not surprisingly, she handled her first birthday like a champ - cake, people, excitement, all of it!  We are so excited to watch her grow up!

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