Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In the Works + On My Mind

Just a little bit ago, I'm having dinner solo with my almost 1-year old talking some crazy loud gibberish in her highchair.  I think she just continues to babble until I/we gasp like a bunch of goofy teenagers..."OMG, did you just say {insert any of our names or co-names here - Mama, Dada, Joe, Maggie, Bubba, Sissy...}"?!?!?!  Giggles ensue all around.  There is a long pause as she looks at us as if to say "What?!?!, What did I do to deserve all this excitement?!?!".  Then a big giant toothy smile.  **sigh**  We ALL are loving this age, minus the "almost 1" part (sniff).  Why?  Whyyyyy do they have to grow up.  Because it's fun, I suppose.

Birthday Book

So, with the birthday coming, I'm working on just a few very special things for her.  We are keeping things simple, people - three kids...we've learned!  But, "simple" - now that I can sew - is a whole different ballgame.  Let's discuss: the Birthday Book!  If I can actually make my way through a year of photos and pick 10 or so and write some thoughtful words to go with them and manage this all on a reasonable emotional level (fat chance), that pretty little diddy up there will be a soft book for her.  It's something I've always wanted to make.  I've come across so many of these handmade books online, but most recently, this version by Soulemama comes to mind.  I bought these printable fabric sheets for the pictures and words.  The cover is an embroidery panel I started shortly after she was born.  I ordered it from Charlotte Lyons - I just think her samplers are SO amazing and so very sweet.  I stitched the house to look like ours and added Lyla's name to the top.

Birthday Geranium Dress In the Works

Next...the dress.  Every little girl needs a special birthday dress, yes?  I'm doing my best to recreate this dress I made for different prints, of course.  It is also something I've always wanted to do.  But, instead of winging it and hoping for a miracle, (it really was a miracle that Maggie's worked out so well as I knew so little about sewing clothes back then)  I'm using Rae's Geranium Dress pattern as a base and attempting to add my own mods...including a slightly longer bodice with a contrasting band, and a double layer skirt with a ruffle.  This is my fourth Geranium Dress so I feel pretty sure I can make this work.  The fabric is, of course, Little Folks by Anna Maria Horner.  I'm taking my time on this one...the bodice is done and a perfect fit! 

Beyond Puerperium Sweater

Now...something knit!  I really only knit in the car these days, on long trips and in carpool.  This is another Beyond Puerperium sweater in stripes (Ravelry link here).  It's just a quick and easy knit.  All I need to do is add some short sleeves and buttons and it'll be ready for her to wear this Fall.  I loved the first version of this sweater that I made - she wore it for a long time and the yarn held up great.

Beautyberry Palette

Lastly, that dreamy pile of fabric + a little branch of beautyberry bush.  Of course as I'm finishing up one quilt, I'm dreaming of my next.  Denyse Schmidt's Shelburne Falls collection might be my favorite fabric collection this year.  I just LOVE it!  I ordered just the Lilac palette a while back and have been sitting on what to do with it for a while.  I paired it up the other day with that grass green quilter's tweed (by Robert Kauffman, but I don't think it's available anymore) and was feeling unsure.  But, then I walked down my driveway today and saw the beautyberry bush.  Bingo!  Confirmed by nature.  Now what quilt to make?  I'd like to try the Cog and Wheel quilt, but I'm afraid I'm going to chicken out - lots of pieces with lots of curves.  This Between the Lines pattern would also work well and would be much easier.  Hmmm...Either way, I will add some of the Willow palette prints from Shelburne Falls to bring out that green.   At least that's the plan.

Whew...well that was quite a lengthy post!  September is going to be a busy month here, so I'm looking forward to tying up these small projects and potentially starting a big one.  What kinds of projects are you finishing up or brewing up these days?                            


  1. Wow, lots of gorgeous projects here! Your daughter is very lucky.

  2. Love it all! I never knew you could knit as well! Woman of many talents. Can't believe sweet Lyla is almost one. The time is flying!

  3. Oh, my goodness, that embroidered panel on the book is amazing!