Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Sewing Space

This past summer, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of owning our home.  Although sometimes we feel like we're busting at the seams, we do love our cozy little home.  Since we moved in, we've had about 200 square feet of workshop space that was unfinished.  We always called this room "the cat room", as the previous homeowner (who happened to be a coworker of mine) referred to it.  And, appropriately so, since it was where our pets tended to hang and make a mess.

Now that our four-legged friends have declined to just 2 and our two-legged family has grown, we felt it was time to finish the space.  We have not finished filling or decorating yet, but it is essentially the new home of our office and my sewing space!  Moving our office things in there and getting rid of a few older pieces of furniture also let us convert our former office to a playroom - double bonus!

Anyway, I wanted to share the beginnings of my sewing space here today since I'm so over-the-top excited about it!  I've always done my sewing in the kitchen...cutting on the kitchen counter and sewing at the table.  Actually, it wasn't the worst scenario, with the kids always close by.  But, I was constantly - for every meal, mind you - putting my things away and getting them back out.  Not to mention the closets that I took over.  Needless to say, I'm loving having some space of my own.

First a quick before and after - unfortunately, I only took phone pictures.  But, you see?  BIG improvement, yes?  Bye bye duct tape vinyl floors, hello wood and natural light. 

        Sewing Space BEFORE  IMG_1786

Now, let's take a more formal look around!  This is the entrance to the room.  The door to the left is our main house entrance.

Sewing Space-1

We have two transom windows on the wall opposite the door.  This wall is adjacent to our driveway, so these higher windows allow us some light in the room without having a lovely view of our cars.  They are definitely my favorite thing about the room!  The door to the back goes to our backyard.

I wanted to have just three pieces in my sewing space - a shelf for fabric storage (check), a cutting table (check), and a sewing table.  

Sewing Space-2

This shelf holds most of my fabric and yarn and my patterns in binders at the bottom.  I love having all of my fabric out and on display!  I grew up in a beautiful old house that my parents completely renovated and if I remember correctly, this shelf was in the house when they moved in (some 38ish years ago?).  They painted it this olive green color at some point.  It definitely has a worn and loved look.  I admit, I would like to paint it but I don't know if I can!  Oh, and that little girl down there is definitely not interested in pulling out every ball of yarn....nope.

Sewing Space-3

So, this is my cutting table.  This is all new and I LOVE it!  I got the idea after finding this table and DIY tutorial by Karen Ackva using mostly IKEA products.  The tutorial is fantastic and she tells you exactly what to buy.  I made just two modifications to Karen's design.  She uses 3 Expedit shelving units for the base, but I just used 2 since my table backs up to the wall and a third unit would really not be accessible.    

Also, for the top, Mark got a heavier piece of plywood and had it cut to fit.  He sanded it and stained it for me and attached it to the top of the Expedit units at the back with some brackets.  He's a keeper!

Sewing Space-4

I'm a total organizational nerd, so I just love how much I can store under this table.  Scrap baskets, drawers for all of my notions, books, etc..

Sewing Space-7

Sewing Space-6

I have enough space on top for a large cutting mat and a small table top ironing board. 

Sewing Space

This is just a peek at what I wish I was working on right now.  At the moment, I'm buried in the Birthday Girl's book!

Want to Make 

On the opposite side of the room, we have our desk and the space where my sewing table will go.  I really want a rustic little farmhouse table, but finding a cheap one has proven difficult.  So, I may get this - a pop of yellow would be nice, I think!  Last but not least, we need to find a comfy chair for kids or a cat.

I usually sew at least a couple of nights a week and Mark does a lot of work from home in the evenings after the kids are asleep.  Although he insists on calling this "my studio", I have visions, hopes (?) of us sharing this space in the evenings maybe listening to some podcasts and working away together.  I'm sure he is laughing at me right now. : )

So, that's my space...I feel so lucky to have it!  Thanks for taking this long look around with me.


  1. I love your new space!!! wow that must feel so good to have it compared to working in the kitchen. I was planning on figuring out a cutting table to make and had that same one pinned. I can't wait to make one now! And the plywood top is so awesome, cheap & easy!

  2. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing

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  5. Awesome cutting table! I love your version!