Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2013: Superhero Sewing

So, alas, Maggie's Halloween costume is done and it turned out fabulous!  She really wanted a store bought costume (let's face it, it's pretty thrilling for kids to pick out and come home with their own costume) and she had very little faith that my handmade costume could match the expensive online version she picked out. 


Boy, I showed her! ;-)  She is one happy girl.  She is Wonder Woman by the way.  Some folks seem a little confused by this and I can only guess it's because she's quite a bit more clothed than the real Wonder Woman (no star-studded undies for my 6 year old).  She's also missing the magic lasso which Maggie made very clear she did not need.     

Shirt Details and Cuffs

I used Made By Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern for the shirt.  Such a great pattern and so fast and easy.  The shirt is a very stretchy, sparkly red knit, like dance fabric.  I cut the emblem out of some shiny gold fabric (maybe crepe?) and drew the black line details with a Sharpie.  

I kind of drafted the skirt pattern myself (once again, should've used a pattern), and it's not perfect, but totally acceptable for Halloween.  I had a LOT of layers of tulle and must've lined them all up and basted them together three times...I still kept loosing layers....ugh.  It has a flat front waistband and a wide elastic on the back.   I also sprayed the skirt with some gold glitter spray I happen to have, so it's super sparkly.  

Superhero Moves

I totally just winged it on the crown and the arm cuffs - they're my favorite pieces.  She looks too sweet to be such a tough chick, don't you think? 


So, apparently, it's a superhero year in our house.  Joe is going as Ironman.  Thank goodness we found that one in his size in the store.  Whew! 

Awesome Kiddos


I definitely don't love Halloween sewing, but I can't help but think that there are only so many years that my kiddos will want to dress up.  So, I'm so glad I took the time to make her something she loves.  Now to take these kiddos out on the town so I can raid their candy bags! 



  1. They are awesome superheroes and I love the hand made costume!!

  2. well done! you did a great job! and my son was iron man, too!