Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Reflections: Memories

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, Photo by My Dad
A while back (years, maybe) I would occasionally write a post titled Sunday Reflections here, where I talked about the events of my week.  These days, I guess I get a little less personal here, as I feel more sensitive about respecting the privacy of my growing kiddos (one of whom now reads my blog!) and my family.  But, it is always so special to me when I can write about life because that's why I started this blog.

So, I had this really great moment this week and it was all because of my Dad and that picture up there.  A few weeks ago, my Dad and my brother went on an awesome adventure together biking (my brother) and driving (my Dad, in his 1954 Jaguar XK120, here, if you're interested) some 300 mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway here in NC.  My Dad took that picture up there and shared it with us along with a bunch of other pictures of his car and the two of them.   

That picture really caught my eye though.  I love the Blue Ridge Parkway...I think I could ride on it for hours and hours and hours and it would never get old.  I just looked at this picture for so long and dreamed about riding on that road and stopping at the overlooks and just staring at those beautiful mountains.  So, I emailed my Dad about how much I loved it.  When he emailed me back he shared how he did a bit of walking and exploring on the trip.  He wrote that he walked around the Pisgah Campground, where our family camped so much growing up, and even was able to pick out our favorite spot.

Now, I know I was pretty young when my family (of 7 kids) camped up there, so it must've been some 35ish years ago, or more?  I only have little flashes of memories of camping trips and some of it gets jumbled up with other trips we took to the mountains.  But, when I read that he found our favorite spot, I got pretty emotional, not because I remembered it too, but because it made me remember so many other things.  And, I just couldn't stop thinking about how cool it is that we can remember little things like a patch of land, or a tree, or a certain beach walkway and that those sights can be so moving and memorable. 

In my sewing room, on my table, I have a picture of a tree on a hill in the mountains (I talked about that tree here), that is one of my favorite spots in the world and I love to just pause and look at it when I need a break.  It's just so important to remember the real stuff, however you do it.  Thanks, Dad, for reminding me that!                

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