Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Favorites

It has been such a great month here.  A month that was so busy and so full, I can hardly believe that it all happened and that we survived.  I just sorted through all of the photos I took this month and picked some favorites that I think captured the wonderful-ness that has been December.  Although at times I wished I could fast forward to this moment when it would all be "over", I'm so happy now to look back at all that happened and recall how perfect it all was!  I hope your month, however you spent it, was beautiful as well.

Our Joseph
Our Joseph
7 Years Old
Turning 7
Twelve Days
Hanging the 12 Days of Christmas with Nana and Pop

Party Animals
Party Animals - A First Sleepover

A Warm Day in December
Warm Park Day in December

Cookies with Cousins
Cousins Decorating Cookies

First Sprinkles
First Sprinkles

Christmas Eve Buddies
Christmas Eve Cousins

Taking it all in...

A Happy Elf
One Happy Elf

Best Christmas Gift
My favorite Christmas moments

Saying Hello
Meeting a New Friend

Looking Comfy and Grown Up!

No Words
No Words. : )

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