Friday, December 27, 2013

Raedene's Quilt

Raedene's Quilt

Raedene's Quilt Back

AMH Feather Block


Swirly Quilting

More swirly quilting

Ready to Gift

If I did a good job of sticking to one crafty related goal in 2013, it was finishing what I started.  Patting myself on the back for that one!  Over the past few months, I finished a few quilts and other items I never got around to sharing here.  So, I thought I'd share them each here as the year comes to an end.

I'm starting with this Arrow Tail Quilt that I finished just a few days before Christmas.  This was a very special custom quilt ordered by my dear friend Raedene.  She didn't want to see it before Christmas Day, so other than a few quick Instagram peeks, I had to keep this one under wraps.  That was tough!  Raedene asked for an Arrow Tail Quilt in all Anna Maria Horner fabrics.  It just so happened that I was feeling ready to part with what remained of my hoarded Good Folks fabrics leftover from my very first quilt.  I paired the remaining prints I had with other various prints by Anna Maria Horner (details below). 

Raedene asked for some swirly quilting, which was a fun change of pace after doing a lot of straight-line quilting.  I think it really was a great choice for this rich, patterned quilt.  I always love to try new free-motion designs!

I had a little fun with the back of this quilt too.  I did not have quite enough backing fabric so I decided to piece a strip down the back.  I wanted to put some sort of surprise block in there for her, so I chose to add one of Anna Maria Horner's pieced feather blocks.  It was so much easier to piece than I expected and I think it just fits right in with the overall quilt design.  This quilt was finished off with a hand stitched binding, decidedly my favorite method.

My friend, Raedene has had a tough holiday with the flu making it's way around her household so I hope this brought her some comfort and warmth.  That's the best thing about quilts, yes?  Thanks, friend, for asking me to make this for you!


Quilt Details

Quilt Design: My Arrow Tail Design (tutorial here)
Size: Approx 48" x 68"
Front Fabrics: All by Anna Maria Horner, from Good Folks (Out of Print) + Little Folks (voile) + LouLouthi + Field Study + Hand Drawn Garden (many available here)
Back Fabrics: Posie in Blue from Flea Market Fancy (available here) + scraps from above collections
Binding: Stockings in Twist from LouLouthi (available here               


  1. i am so i love with my quilt. it is so beautiful! I love love love! Thank you!

  2. just spectacular Laurel! I really am excited to try a quilt using your instructions. :)

  3. wow, this is amazing! absolutely gorgeous!