Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year, friends!  Did you celebrate, blow some horns, have some bubbly??  My favorite thing to do on New Year's Eve is to stay in, make a yummy dinner, cosy up with some wine and watch the ridiculous NYE programs on TV.  This year we tried to keep the kiddos up, and they almost made it, but they faded.   So, we put them to bed early, and followed soon after.

Today we had a campfire in the backyard with popcorn, hot cocoa and marshmallows.  I helped Maggie and Joe write their own New Year resolutions and I attempted to write my own, but didn't get too far.  I know I love a fresh start, and each year I set new goals for myself in many aspects of my life.  Sometimes, pinning them down in a list is the hard part. 

New Year Popcorn

New Year Campfire

Cocoa and Marshmallows

Last year, with a baby still taking up so much of my personal time - wonderfully so - I chose to just let things fly, to see what the year would bring me and what I might accomplish.  I became quite a homebody, which supported some aspects of my life (sewing, cooking), but left me feeling a bit disconnected from friends, the outdoors, family, etc.  Home can be so comforting and easy, which was what I needed last year, amidst the chaos that was raising a baby with two older kids going in opposite directions.  But, I was definitely missing some things that I needed.   

Looking ahead to this year I know that my biggest personal goals involve re-connecting with those things in my life that I'm missing...mainly being outside - exercising or working in the yard, and spending more quality time with family and friends.     

Last year was an unexpectedly exciting "sewing year" for me.  I recall wanting to be more intentional with my sewing and finish projects before starting new things.  I'd say I did just that.  When I put together a special quilt for my new nephew, I had no idea that it would appeal to so many others and that I'd end up writing a tutorial and making/selling 4 more.  I will admit, I put off some creative sewing this year to make several custom Arrow Tail quilts, but what a great experience it was to connect with others.          

Curves Work

As I looked forward to this year, I'm excited for a clean sewing slate, for lots of ideas floating around in my head and for many reasons to sew (oh, I've got lots of 'em this year!).  I feel like my journey and growth as a self-taught quilter has not really taken a direct path, so this year I want to focus on learning and improving basic techniques.  I'm also looking forward to connecting with other sewers.  I'm headed to Sew South in March (yay!) and recently joined the GRACE Circle of do. Good Stitches {a charity bee}.

Solstice Star for GRACE circle

I've also caught the knitting bug, again.  My interest in knitting comes and goes, but the recent release of this book has me totally re-energized.  The patterns are all so appealing and practical.  I asked Mark for the book and yarn to make the Antrorse sweater for Christmas.  And, I'm off to a good start on it.   I feel like I'll be doing a lot more knitting in 2014.   


So, that's my "list" if you, re-learn, sew lots and knit lots too.  I feel like I will be building my own list as I go this year.  I hope it's a great one and I hope yours it too!  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog, reading my (sometimes rather lengthy - ahem) blog posts, and for taking the time to comment.  I hope to get to know you better in 2014.  Cheers!  

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  1. I'm so excited about this post!! I love your quilting project and so glad you're doing knitting again. Looking forward to more of your work in 2014. :)