Monday, January 20, 2014

Just a Couple of Hats

Somewhere in the middle of the polar vortex a couple of weeks ago, I realized that Maggie's winter hat was way too small.  Great timing, eh?  Oh, just the coldest day in years, and your hat doesn't cover your ears - no biggie. ;-)  I promised her I'd get her a new hat as soon as possible.  In the mood for a quick knitting fix, she and I set off a few days later to pick out yarn.  Oddly enough, while in the knitting store, it was seventy some degrees and there was a tornado in the area.  It was a bit scary, but thankfully nothing touched down anywhere near us.  Gotta love crazy NC weather!

Ok, sidenote: I really, really love my local yarn store!!  Yarn Tree Studio is literally a hop, skip, and a jump from my house.  It is a fabulous environment and always filled with people socializing and knitting.  I'm not the most consistent knitter, but when I do knit I'm pretty loyal to this store.  I buy almost of all of my yarn there simply because the staff are so great, supportive, and just inspiring!  I wish I could spend more time there.

So, anyway, on this particularly windy day, Maggie and I were guided to this beautiful Malabrigo Mecha yarn.  It's a chunky superwash yarn and so soft and squishy.  Of course, Maggie picked out purple...she is often dressed head to toe in purple these days.  I cast on one of The Purl Bee's Hats for Everyone later that night.  Pretty quickly I realized that my gauge was way off, and the hat would be too small for Maggie.  So, I finished it up for Lyla and made Maggie another one.  It was a great, easy, quick knit and I was thrilled that I had just enough yarn to eek out the two hats.  I made the pompoms with some other yarn in my stash.  I already have a little boy asking for one, although decidedly not in purple.        

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  1. I hope you were singing while knitting, because you couldn't have any more fun if you tried!